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FraudVigilance Speakers at Events

As an organisation, we have lots of data backed experience in fraud prevention. We also have access to data from the largest cross-sector fraud sharing databases in the country – the Internal Fraud Database and the National Fraud Database.  Our range of experts can share that knowledge and insight by speaking at your event.

Our experts can speak on subjects such as:

If you already have a particular FraudVigilance expert in mind for your event, please let us know when you fill in the form below, so we can approach that person first. Please do not send invitations directly to FraudVigilance staff.

We will be in touch within seven days of receiving your request to let you know whether or not we can provide a speaker for your event. We get a lot of requests for FraudVigilance speakers and we do our best to attend as many as possible.

Speaker fees

We do not charge for providing speakers and will instead accept a complementary place(s) at the conference. We may require travel and accommodation expenses to be covered in certain circumstances.

Can we help you market your event?

We can distribute your conference brochures to FraudVigilance member organisations by post or email for a fee, dependent on:

If you're interested in this opportunity, just select the relevant option when you complete the form below.

If you're not interested in booking a FraudVigilance speaker, but you'd still like us to consider distributing your brochures to our members, that is also possible: just put N/A in the boxes that don't apply.

To be completed by the conference organiser

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Conference Details
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Target Audience including: Expected Numbers; Market Segment; Level of seniority*:
Please provide details of the programme including: Proposed Programme; Agenda; Other speakers invited and confirmed*:
How and where will the event be marketed?*:
Has this event taken place before? Please give details*:
Would you like to discuss the possibility of FV distributing your conference literature to FV

Will journalists be present at this event?:

Will the speech be recorded?:

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Are you prepared to offer any complimentary places to FV staff for the event?:




FV speakers are provided for free and will instead accept a complementary ticket to your event. We may require travel and accommodation expenses to be covered in certain circumstances.

Make a booking enquiry using the form on this page.