Your business and employees are also exposed to a lot fraud in course of their work.
Who needs to receive this fraud alerts
1. All employees handling payments.
2. Sales employees in the field.
3. Logistics staff i.e. drivers, van sales people etc
4. All managers, supervisors etc
They face localized risk at their point of transacting, we have build a fraud alert system that communicates to specified people the risk they are likely to face basing on their GPS.
How will you employees benefit?
1. Proactively react to any risk information shared.
2. Plan better routes/alternatives in executing their duties.
3. Have the ability to themselves report any risks in the market.
Examples of G-LINDE fraud alerts
“Hello, kindly be aware of riots that are ongoing currently at Anniversary Towers Fraud Vigilance”

“Hello, from Fraud Vigilance be aware of 2 tall dark men claiming to be CID officers sent for inspection of your premises”